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Cats and dogs Vaccinations & Preventive Care

Routine vaccinations and parasite prevention from our veterinarians in Maple Ridge help to protect your dog or cat from serious diseases and disorders that can harm them without warning.

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Protection & Prevention

At Country Meadows Pet Hospital, our veterinary team focuses on preventive care to keep common diseases and disorders from impacting your furry friend's health in the first place.

Regularly scheduled vaccinations form the cornerstone of your cat or dog's annual preventive care when combined with regular health checkups, which are also referred to as wellness exams. These services are designed to preserve your dog or cat's good health and eliminate the need for treatment.

Preventive care gives your companion their best shot at a long, healthy life. Our team will assess your cat or dog's risk factors and lifestyle, then work with you to create a custom preventive care plan to meet your furry companion's unique needs. 

Vaccinations & Parasite Prevention Services, Maple Ridge

Cat & Dog Vaccination Schedule

Often, we can prevent diseases entirely just by ensuring that your four-legged friend's vaccinations are kept up to date. Cats and dogs vaccines protect against many conditions that are easily transmitted and can seriously impact the health of your beloved companion.

To get your kitten or puppy off to a great start and help protect them from a range of serious diseases that may become life-threatening, they should receive the following vaccines in their first year:

Kitten Vaccinations

Puppy Vaccinations

Spaying & Neutering

Spaying or neutering your cat or dog prevents the birth of unwanted litters, protects your furry friend by reducing the risk of breast cancer and testicular cancer, and can help prevent a number of undesirable behaviours.

For safety and pain management, these surgical procedures are performed while your beloved cat or dog is under general anesthesia. Both spay and neuter surgeries are considered safe for cats and dogs and are performed regularly at our animal hospital.

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Parasite Prevention

Parasites found in our region of British Columbia can pose a serious threat to the health and longevity of your cat or dog, and in some cases can even be transmitted to other animals or people living in your household.

Parasite prevention products available through our Country Meadows Pet Hospital veterinarians can help protect your dog or cat from a wide variety of common parasites, including fleas, ticks, ear mites, heartworms, and more. 


At Country Meadows Pet Hospital, we can place a tiny microchip under your companion's skin as a permanent form of identification.

Cats and dogs that are microchipped have a better chance of being reunited with their families if they become lost.

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