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Soft Tissue Surgery

We perform soft tissue surgeries at our hospital, such as wound repair, mass removals, foreign body extractions and much more, to keep dogs and cats healthy and disease-free.

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Surgical Soft Tissue Repair For Dogs & Cats

Much like humans, cats and dogs can suffer from a number of different painful conditions that may require surgery as treatment.

Soft tissue surgery is any surgery non-joint or bone related, and can include eye, ear, nose and throat, cardio-thoracic, hepatic, gastrointestinal, urogenital, skin reconstructive and oncological surgeries. The most common soft tissue surgeries for animals include the removal of masses or lumps.

The process of soft tissue surgery will vary depending on the specific procedure, but generally, surgery begins with a physical examination and diagnostic tests like bloodwork, X-rays, or ultrasounds. These assessments help ensure your dog or cat is healthy enough to undergo surgery.

Our veterinarians place the utmost emphasis on pain management to ensure your dog or cat feels comfortable throughout the treatment process. After a surgical procedure, Our veterinarians will discuss post-operative care with you so you can better understand what care will be needed.

Soft Tissue Surgery, Maple Ridge

What to Expect From Soft Tissue Surgery at Country Meadows Pet Hospital

If you are wondering what types of soft tissue surgical procedures we offer, or if you have other questions regarding your cat or dog's surgery, we have the answers that you're looking for.

Types Of Soft Tissue Surgeries

Here's a list of the soft tissue surgeries that we offer:

Soft Tissue Surgery FAQs

If your beloved companion is about to have surgery, it can be nerve-wracking. Our veterinary team would like to help put your mind at ease.

Whether you are concerned about recovery times or what to expect at your dog or cat's consultation, we've got you covered. If we have not answered your question, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to discuss your concerns.

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